Russian Visas

Please be aware that all individuals applying for a Russia visa in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland must provide biometric data, specifically fingerprints, as part of the visa application process. To facilitate this, applicants will be required to appear in person at the Russia Visa Application Centre in London. The only exceptions to this new rule are applicants under the age of 12 years and those travelling for official government business or holding a diplomatic passport.

It is now even more imperative that the application, supporting documents and payment match the consular requirements so as to avoid the potential rejection and avoid subsequent visits, costs and inconvenience. To this end, Direct Visas will offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure documents are correctly checked and verified prior to the applicant travelling to the Application Centre where they will be assisted by a member of our staff.

Please read the following information carefully and follow the instructions for requirements, any discrepancies in the information/documents required to process your application will experience delay and possible rejection by the Russian Consulate. Should you require any assistance at any stage of the preparation of the visa application, please call 020 7397 3342 or email

Please note that the following information is for UK passport holders, The Russian Consulate do have different requirements for other nationals. Please call or email for the extra requirements, where applicable.

Requirements for Tourist Visa

  • Application form Click Here
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Passport
  • Tourist Confirmation & Voucher (Visas are issued for specific dates based on visa support supplied)


Requirements for Business Visa

  • Application form Click Here
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Passport
  • Letter of Invitation

Multiple entry visa applications are required to have 2 consecutive pages (page spread) in their passports.

Double entry visa applications require 2 pages but not consecutive.

Invitation Letter: Copy/original (multiple entry visa requests must have the original invitation) issued through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. This can take the format of a physical invitation or a telex authorisation, which is sent direct to the Russian Consulate.

Passport: Please ensure that the passport is valid at least 6 months beyond the duration of the required visa and has a minimum of 2 clear pages.

Photograph: 1 recent passport photo, on proper photographic paper,

The Russian Embassy reserves the right to refer an application and request further documentation upon application.

Processing Time:

Due to the current limitations of the consular section of the Russian Embassy processing times for Russian Visas has been extended. The new processing times can be found below.

Normal service: up to 20 working days Express service: 3-4 working days

Costs: Express Service:

Single Entry:     £186.60 + Handling Fee

Double Entry:   £270.60+ Handling Fee

Multiple Entry £486.60 + Handling Fee

Costs: Normal Service:

Single Entry:     £138.40 + Handling Fee

Double Entry:   £181.40+ Handling Fee

Multiple Entry £280.40 + Handling Fee

Normal Service: Processing times maybe extended during peak seasons Express Service: We must receive your application and correct documentation by 16.00 hrs the day before lodging, to allow us to process and check the application and documents, prior to submission the following working day.