UK Passports

Direct Visas Ltd is a registered Agent at the Identity & Passport Service (IPS) Office. This allows us to lodge and collect passports on behalf of our clients.

The IPS offers two types of services when lodging at an IPS office; they are “fast track” and “premium”.

Requirements to Renew a UK passport:

  • Application form
  • 2 x passport size photos
  • Current Passport

If your appearance has changed or your current Passport is damaged then you may be required to the application form and 1 photo countersigned.

In the case of a LOST or STOLEN Passport you will be required to have the form and a photo countersigned. The only service the IPS offer in this case is a Fast Track (5-7 working days)


We are also able to assist the applications 2nd UK Passports, and 2nd Passport renewals.

Requirements for a 2nd UK Passport

  • Original Passport (to show at the IPS office)
  • 1 x application form
  • 2 x passport size photos
  • 1 x company letter


Processing times and fees:

Fast Track 5-7 working days £142.00 +Handling fee

Premium 24hrs from appointment date £177.00 + Handling fee